Our vision is clear – we want to be among the most advanced and technologically most developed in our line of business in global dimensions. We use the latest technology and we are establishing, in our branch not yet known, way of organizing, planning and optimizing the production.

We produce high quality products and offer our customers first class service all in compliance with national standards. We are increasing the productivity and added value per employee, all that with constant care for our customer’s and our employee’s satisfaction.

Honesty – Quality – Knowledge and know-how – Respect

Kovinarstvo Bučar is a family run company whose origins date back to the 1966th. To this day, we constantly invest in the latest technology and upgrading knowledge, know-how and skills, increasing productivity and thus influencing the competitiveness of our products and services.
After more than 5 decades, we can still be found in Miklavž na Dravskem polju, Ptujska cesta 61. We are manufacturing standard serial sheet metal products and roofing accessories as well as various custom made sheet metal products by order. Our clients are tinsmiths, roofers and individual customers. Beside that we also offer cutting and bending of metal sheets of various lengths and thickness. We deliver the ordered products to our clients when desired and we also make the products with customer’s materials. In addition to superb manufacturing, we also offer expert advice to our customer.


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